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Reporting Bugs

So it should come as no suprise that the InfoSystems software suite is not without bugs. This section contains a few pointers on what we would like you to do when submitting bug reports.

Reporting Bugs

Let's start with the boring part first: if you are NOT an Infosoft customer, (i.e. you are a third party) then you have to submit your bug through your customer contact, and we can establish contact afterwards. If you are the Infosoft customer please make sure you submit the bug through the usual support channels.

Before submitting a bug please verify/do the following

  • Verify that you are running on the latest bugfix version for your particular subversion. For instance if you are on then make sure there isnt already a where the bug is fixed.

  • Verify that you are actually using the right web service URL, it is not uncommon to get the various test and production environments mixed up.

  • Verify that the web service version is actually the same as the database version. For instance if the database is version 3.2 then it will likely fail if the service is

  • Test the method in a tool like SoapUI.

    Tip Tip

    If the request fails with your code but works in SoapUI, then your code is doing something wrong. In most cases this is due to the serializer generating wrong XML.

Now when you have verified the above, please include the following in your bug report.

  • A description of the actual behavior and the desired/expected behavior.

  • The steps required to reproduce the bug

  • The version of the webservice

  • Full SOAP XML requests and responses

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