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SubscriptionOrderService Class

The Subsription Order Service class contains methods for handling orders of new subscriptions, on existing and new customers. This specific implementation relates it operations to the callresult table where nesecary, and thus requires a subsequent import for the result to be carried over to the production system.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Infosoft.Webservices.Subscription
Assembly:  Infosoft.Webservices (in Infosoft.Webservices.dll) Version:
public class SubscriptionOrderService : BaseService, 

The SubscriptionOrderService type exposes the following members.

Public methodCompleteSubscription
Completes a subscription order. This will update the order with all credit card transaction details.
Public methodExtendSubscription
Creates a new order for extending an existing active subscription. The customer number and title code must be supplied as well as the details of the purchase. This method does not update name, address, invoicepayer or dynamic attributes. Use other methods for that purpose. Due to this it is only necessary to put the customer number in the CustomerExchange object. If the last delivery for the subscription contains an end date, the supplied start date must be the same as the end date for the last delivery. If the last delivery not contains any future stop date the supplied start date can be the next distribution date or higher.
Public methodOrderSubscription
Orders a new subscription. Places orders into a temporary table for subsequent treatment by an import process. The input covers all parameters needed to create an ordinary customer with a subscription. What happens with the order depends on the import process. Orders that participate in an online payment flow will not be handled untill the flow has been complete. For orders not part of an online payment flow, an automatic import process will be executed as the final step. If this process is succesfull, the resulting order will have already been imported when the response is sent (and the response is updated accordingly).
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