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The basic person/company/customer entity in the system. A customer encompases information such as name, address, phone and email.

Customer relation

A customer relation is a connection between a customer and some other entity, such as another customer, a user, or an account in an external system. See the customer relation introduction for details.


Distribution Date

The date for the next physical distribution. Any changes done now will not have an effect untill the next distribution date.

For instance if a new subscription is ordered at 15:00 on wedensday, that order will not be active untill the next distribution date, which will typically be on thursday (or maybe next week, or next month depending on the frequency of the publication).

See Also:  Distributor

A company responsible for delivery of a pysical product. Typically the newspaper. Distributors are informed about changes to subscriptions if it has an affect on them, such as new subscribers, stopped subscribers and subscribers that have moved to a new address.

See Also:  Distribution Date


Endpoint, Service Endpoint

The entry point to a service or process. Typically this is a HTTP(S) URL.


Invoice Payer

A customer that recieves (and pays) the invoices for one or more subscriptions.


Joint Invoice Payer

A special type of Invoice Payer that has an agreement to pay multiple subscriptions on one joint invoice.



A smaller unit within a title, typically combining a set of distribution days with some price. For instance a product could encompass the Friday and Saturday editions of The New York Times



A retailer is a shop, store, outlet or other establishment that sells newspapers of a particular title to the public. The same store may of course sell multiple titles, but when it does it's regarded as two separate retailers.


Subscriber, Subscription

A subscription is essentially an economic relation between a customer, a title, a product and a term. A customer with such an economic relation is denoted a Subscriber



Defines the interval at which a subscriber should recieve an invoice (or a recurring payment should occur). The term also defines the initial length of a subscription.


A newspaper publication, typically also a legal entity. Examples are Dagens Næringsliv, Borås Tidning, Kristeligt Dagblad or The New York Times



Defines the account or information related to some sort of end-user, typically a user account is associated with a customer.

User Database, User Register

A module or system that provides a standalone SSO/User system that is not dependent upon Customers and/or Subscriptions to exist, making it usable for different areas of the company, not just subscriptions.