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This is the documentation for the latest version of the Info systems webservices API. At the moment you can find reference documentation of the API, definitions of the methods and short descriptions of each. In time this documentation will be expanded upon with more general/conceptual information on how to use the API.

Getting started

If you are interested in subscriptions consider reading the introduction information, it contains various terminology used for the subscription system.

At the time of writing almost all of the Infosystems services are hosted as SOAP services (with a few exception), if you don't know anything about SOAP we suggest you start by reading a bit about it.

If you already know something about the subscription system and SOAP and just need to get started writing code, you should start by looking at the methods in the different service classes. Each class implements one or more contracts, basically this means that if you have a class with some methods, they will correspond to some webservice methods available on an endpoint. The URL location of a service endpoint is dependent on the installation, most commonly all installations follow the same scheme, but the installations can be changed. Contact the people repsonsible for hosting the Infosystems Webservices to get the URLs you need.

The following list of classes represents the most commonly used service endpoints, note however that this is by no means a complete list.

If you are interested in using the SSO system as a standalone service, and you don't have to care about subscriptions, then consider reading the User Register Introduction.

Various Information
  • It might be wise to read up on the various terms in the glossary. Should you find a term that you are uncertain of, write us and we might add it to the list.

  • Consider reading the Logging and Debugging section for some hints on how to find log files and general help on debugging.

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